This week Afro and Hunter talk about a gaggle of Electric SUVs and crossovers coming out, recent F1 news, and go on a decent handful of tangents and rants.

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Links to all of the discusses topics below

  1. Ford buys spot mini’s
    1. Ford Unleashes Pair of Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs for Factory Use
    2. Ford Uses Terrifying Robotic Dogs to 3D-Map Factory 
  2. Mitsubishi dying
    1. Montero? Pajero? Mitsubishi Calls the Whole Thing Off—and Quits Europe
  3. Ford Mustang MAch E thing
    1. Vaughn Gittin Jr. and Ford Turn the Mach-E Into an Epic Drift Machine 
    2. 1400-HP Ford Mustang Mach-E Has 7 Motors, Is Wild Enough to Stun Ken Block 
    3. Watch Ken Block Melt Tires in the Mustang Mach-E 1400 
  4. Sports THINGS production stoppage
    1. Honda Civic Si, Civic Coupe, and Fit Go Away for 2021
    2. The Honda Accord Manual, the Civic Coupe, and the Fit Are All Dead 
  5. New hummer
    1. GMC Confirms Hummer EV Truck and SUV Will Debut This Fall
    2. GMC Hummer EV Revealed in Teaser Video – New Hummer Pictures 
  6. Tesla can’t advertise autopilot in germany
    1. Germany Says Tesla Can’t Advertise Autopilot, Autonomous Driving
  7. Veloster N performance pack now standard
    1. 2021 Hyundai Veloster N Comes Standard With the Performance Pack
  8.  Mclaren sponsored by Gulf
    1. McLaren Is Now Sponsored by Gulf
  9. Adrian sutil crashes senna
    1. Former F1 Driver Reportedly Crashed McLaren Senna LM in Monaco
  10.  No formula 1 for NA this year
    1. Austin F1 Race Canceled – Grands Prix of the Americas Called Off
  11.  Sergio perez gets covid