This week, join Afro and Brian as we talk about everything other than cars, the new F150, a bunch of other ford news, BMW’s new subscription idea, and a long slew of other random topics. 

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Links to all of the discusses topics below

  1. New F-150
  2. Mustang MAch E
  3. Ford Godzilla engine
  4. BMW considering OTA feature updates
  5. Ranger upgrade packages
  6.  Army buys ZR2 chassis vehicles
  7.  Bubba wallace’s noose
  8. Aerton wagon R
    1. Gaze Upon the 2021 VW Arteon Wagon and 315-HP Arteon R, and Despair
  9. Lambo SCV12
  10. Apple car key
  11. Bronco
  12. 24 hours of lemans will run with spectators
  13. 2021 Geneva motorshow cancelled
  14. Mercedez supporting the homies
  15. Indy 500 will run at 50% capacity
  16. Jessie combs, fastest woman on earth